With rais, the delivery of grapes becomes efficient, economical and highly productive. Rais is a system for managing the delivery of grapes to the cellar, which by automating the delivery process is able to improve the wine production process at the source, guaranteeing a high quality standard over time. It allows the management of the traceability of the supply chain, to reduce management costs, to speed up and optimize the management of members/contributors, and therefore to simplify the management of the cellar.


Rais is a system made up of software technology and electrical/electronic devices, designed to automatically manage the delivery of grapes to wine cellars, consortia and warehouses.


  • Evolution towards supply chain tracking
  • The reduction of costs, less use of manpower during the harvest
  • Speeding up the process
  • Higher quality product, thanks to the possibility of harvesting when the grapes have reached the right ripeness
  • A flexible management of the cellar activity, according to the needs that arise
    should present during the harvest such as, for example, the change of the garolle, their opening or closing, etc.
  • Precise selection and destination – right from the vine – of the grapes delivered, differentiated by degree, origin and sugar content
  • Construction of a centralized database containing all the information of the individual conferment operations, with the possibility of analyzing a wealth of data such as: characteristics of the farm of origin (soil, altitude, climate of the area), type, quantity and quality of the grapes produced ; weighs, gradations, daily total, times, etc.
  • Creation of a “history” on which to program the harvest calendar, eliminating waste, dead times, delays or unnecessary waiting during the conferral period.


Rais integrates with the management system already used in the cellar and requires simple and intuitive use, even via the internet.


For control and tracking, Rais makes use of the most modern recognition systems: RFID, QR and barcodes.


The system can be extended via SMS / email to notify the producers about the period of the contribution.