OVERSEER is your assistant. A single platform that simplifies the supervision, management and remote control of devices, plants and systems. All data at your fingertips. A web interface interacts with the peripherals in real time: from any device, at any time and anywhere, it is possible to acquire large volumes of information, analyze data and issue commands, change settings and update each configuration. Ease of use and maximum security: in data transmission, information archiving, access and user identification, notification and alarm management. The speed and high performance of overseer allow you to optimize work times, reduce the number of field interventions and improve performance.


Logic management for automated operation, also using measurements from other plants, with web configuration and management.


Remote control of treatment and purification plants, with particular attention to groundwater, rainwater, leachate and meteorological parameters, control of the waste management cycle.


Automation and remote control of networks: tanks, reservoirs, basins, pipelines, pumping stations and wells, sanitation systems.


Monitoring of parameters provided by individual instruments: flow meters, weather stations, humidity sensors, video surveillance cameras.


Supervision and management of “machine to machine” systems and supply chain traceability.


  • Power supply from public network and photovoltaic panel
  • Configurable analog inputs for weather stations / humidity sensors
  • Digital inputs for connection of meters / rain sensors


  • Buffer battery for operation in the absence of voltage
  • Configurable for monostable and bistable solenoids


  • Acquisition and Integration of meteoevapotranspiration data from specialized sites
  • Acquisition and integration of rain data from specialized structures / sites
  • Database archiving of all the collected data


  • Connection via ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS
  • UMTS


  • Parks
  • Gardens
  • Greenhouses
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses


  • Availability of various versions according to customer needs
  • Dedicated pages for configuration
    of the devices
  • User management, customized access levels

Centralized system that can be consulted in real time from each device, analysis of historical data, management of anomalies, distribution of data and commands, real-time status of the field, intuitive software

It can command existing systems, also interfacing with PLCs and intelligent terminal blocks, for integrated and simplified management of the whole system

Sending of alarms safe and precise, even in the absence of connection to the server. Encrypted and protected communications. Long-term data archiving on redundant servers

Multi-user management and customization: the manager can independently configure the system, authorize users to access with various levels of display and interaction.

Web interface capable of interacting with peripherals, specialized sites, weather stations, meters and remote devices, cameras, data and commands are received – transmitted in real time

The field peripherals can communicate with the central system via Ethernet, GPRS, wireless, UMTS, depending on the customer’s needs