Finally an ad hoc system for your irrigation system. Soilsense is specially developed for the management of large green areas, parks, greenhouses, gardens. Conveniently, anywhere. A software that integrates the best technology on the market. The web interface allows remote and real-time management of the entire system. The peripheral in the field is robust and adaptable to the various needs or dimensions of the plant. The management of alarms in real time, via text messages and emails, optimizes intervention times on any hydraulic and mechanical malfunctions. The water balance allows you to better manage water consumption and supplies.

Centralized system that can be consulted in real time from each device, analysis of historical data, management of anomalies, distribution of data and commands, real-time status of the field, intuitive software

Sending of alarms safe and precise, even in the absence of connection to the server. Encrypted and protected communications. Long-term data archiving on redundant servers

Multi-user management and customization: the manager can independently configure the system, authorize users to access with various levels of display and interaction

Sensors in the field, interface with specialized sites to detect rain, evapotranspiration, forecasts. Real-time balance and automatic calibration of water supplies

It can command existing systems, also interfacing with PLCs and intelligent terminal blocks, for integrated and simplified management of the whole system

Visualization on a georeferenced map of the peripherals in the field and of the single irrigation sectors

Web interface capable of interacting with peripherals, specialized sites, weather stations, meters and remote devices, cameras, data and commands are received – transmitted in real time

The peripherals in the field can communicate with the central system via Ethernet, GPRS, wireless, UMT, depending on the customer’s needs


  • Battery power supply of field peripherals (economic and installation advantages)


  • Electronic board applicable to any hydro valve
  • Configurable for monostable or bistable solenoids


  • Maps are created dynamically based on the peripherals in the field
  • The manager can create/edit the maps to insert the pipelines and field meters connected to the peripherals via radio
  • Immediate display of the system situation
  • There are no number limits in creating maps


  • Robust and reliable free-frequency radio communication system with no monthly data traffic charges


  • Responsive web interface accessible from any device
  • Custom maps
  • Graphs and reports
  • Management of events, alarms and notifications
  • Weather data and water balance
  • Irrigation advice for each plot and cultivation, visualization of related weather and forecast data
  • Custom access levels per manager
  • Manual or automatic distribution of irrigation advice
  • Remote update via radio of the configuration of the peripherals