tank loader telemanagement

The system that allows you to control the barrel loading system by identifying the user via magnetic key and automatically managing the opening/closing command and the control of the dispensed volume

Web interface capable of interacting with peripherals, specialized sites, weather stations, meters and remote devices, cameras.
Data and commands are received and transmitted in real time

An identification system via ibutton that allows you to manage irrigation independently

Ability to set a seasonal volume limit for each user

Radio communication on free frequencies allows, without management fees, to easily reach the peripherals in the field even in inaccessible points


The peripheral unit installed at the dispensing point communicates via free frequency radio with the IRRISTAR system. The apparatus is equipped with a dedicated electronic card (protected by a double case), with microprocessor, working and archiving memories, communication ports and interfaces.


This version adds remote management functions to the “stand-alone” usb charger functions. All the configuration operations can be carried out via GSM connection using the management software. It is possible to view accesses in real time and view the volumes dispensed and multiple systems can be managed


The usb barrel charger has a stand-alone type of operation, once programmed it is independent of any external system.
Through a local display, the barrel loader indicates to the user the operations that are being carried out and any problems. Through the management application it is possible to enable or disable the keys and manage the data of the dispensing carried out in an intuitive way.
The system has an internal memory which periodically allows the manager to download data on users and volumes in Excel format.