System with single-cable communication for real-time supervision and remote control of tanks, pumping, ducting, filtering and fertigation. Through special control software it allows you to manage irrigation shifts, verify the effective opening and closing of valves. Through special redundant protocols, the system guarantees and logs all the data for future forecast analysis of consumption, optimization of service management.

Centralized system that can be consulted in real time from each device, analysis of historical data, management of anomalies, distribution of data and commands, real-time status of the field, intuitive software

Multi-user management and customization: the manager can independently configure the system, authorize users to access with various levels of display and interaction.

Sensors in the field, interface with specialized sites to detect rain, evapotranspiration, forecasts. Real-time balance and automatic calibration of water supplies

Sending of alarms safe and precise, even in the absence of connection to the server. Encrypted and protected communications. Long-term data archiving on redundant servers

Irristar is a radio network system equipped with autonomous power supply, for real-time command, supervision and remote control of large irrigation systems. It allows integrated management of tanks, pumping, pipelines, filtration and fertigation

Visualization on a georeferenced map of the peripherals in the field and of the single irrigation sectors


A solution that is aimed at irrigation Consortia, Reclamation Consortia or Land Improvement Consortia that manage irrigation systems and need to automate and remotely manage an irrigation shift, and to verify the effective opening or closing of the delivery points. The electronic boards that control the various dispensing points have a large part of the components dedicated to protection against overvoltages, which makes it possible to avoid breaking the device. IRRILINE allows commands and data collection to pass in two directions, safely and stably, from the central unit to the various control points, for accurate and timely monitoring. It can also be integrated with the IRRISTAR radio solution.

The software is easy to use, it allows you to independently program the commands, to set any alarms via SMS, to produce graphs, and to archive historical data for future forecasting analyses. IRRILINE can however be integrated with other supervision software, to allow the customer to manage it through a single interface, so as to preserve previous investments.


Centralized management of irrigation shifts to control and carry out a rational distribution of the resource and a correct assignment to the various members.

Complete and accurate supervision of the entire water supply cycle.

Possibility of interfacing with weather stations and probes.

Possibility of integrated supervision of filtering and water treatment stations.

Ability to create water districts.